Saturday, February 10, 2007

Its Snow, But Not As We Know It

I am not sure whether we are jealous or not of those of you who are experiencing snow on the canals! We see pictures of the K and A on No Problem's blog and wonder what Epiphany looks like in the snow. Narrowboats lend themselves to snow photographs; maybe it is something to do with the contrast of colours against the white making an attractive picture.We have been on Epiphany in frost and ice but not with a healthy dollop of snow! I am sure we will in time, maybe this year as snow can fall well into Spring sometimes. We have had it at Easter in our hiring days, on a cruise on the South Oxford canal. How come the country comes to a halt with 6 inches of snow?

In Cornwall we very rarely see heavy falls of snow. November 2005 was our last "dump" as the Canadians say. It brought Truro to a halt and it took me 4 hours to travel 18 miles. I was just grateful for front wheel drive, low profile tyres and an automatic car as I think it made going at 5 to 10 miles an hour easier.

Here is some real snow, does anyone recognise the location? Somewhere in Canada and yes, I was there, I took the photo on the left!

However whilst the rest of the country seems to be snow-bound, Cornwall was just wet wet wet. Floods on the roads meant a 5 mile detour to work as I could not get to the ferry (see blog for September 7th 2006 for pic). The weather is very changable though and we can have wind, gales, rain and brilliant sunshine all in one day.

Don't forget it is 3 weeks to the next stage of the Save Our Waterways campaign. Please join in if you want the canal system to be maintained for all users.

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