Friday, February 02, 2007

Cornish Home and Floating Home

Epiphany's mooring on the K & A canal is a useful halfway house for us. We have recently used her as a base for travelling into London and beyond.

For many people Cornwall seems to be a long way away, much as Scotland seems to us! However living in Cornwall means we are used to jumping into the car to go anywhere at all. A 3 hour trip "up country" as we do say down 'ere, is not a problem. Actually it depends on which route taken. Our latest idea is to avoid the motorway as much as possible and it is amazing how stress free that can be. We can still do the journey to Epiphany in just over 3 hours - in the winter; summer though may be a different kettle of fish.

I thought I would add a couple of photos from the South coast of Cornwall! Both photos copyright to me as Epiphany!

Below: The Van Gogh, a cruise liner that comes and goes from Falmouth, taken as it leaves on one of its summer cruises.

Above: One of my favourite photos, looking out across the entrance to St Mawes harbour and the Percuil River. Note the variety of craft - no narrowboats, although Chris Coburn did make it to Cornwall on one of his epic voyages.

So Epiphany was our base for a few days last week, not cruising unfortunately but still it felt good to be on her. We met up with the guys from Bath Narrowboats for a "few" drinks. Muggins was driving so the boys - in this case BJ and our son - were able to guzzle beer! It was good to catch up and to hear that they are very busy with a full order book. Epiphany (and our website) is a good advertisement for them and Colecraft we hope.

BJ is keeping up with the SOW campaign, next events are the weekend of 3rd/4th March. Hope you are all planning to join in with your local ones - dont forget to include all the waterway users, walkers, cyclists and fishermen in events; after all we boaters are the minority users.

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