Saturday, July 01, 2006

First sight

Our close friends visited the shell builder today and took some photos of Epiphany for us. When we received the email a few hours later with the photos there were a few tears and delight, thank goodness for digital cameras and the Internet. It does encourage the instant gratification that we all seem to crave more and more though. We could see “our boat” had been started and was looking like a narrow boat. She was up to the gunnels but no rubbing strakes. The next few weeks are going to be exciting as we hope to go up ourselves soon and our friends plan to go again too, as they only live half an hour away. Cornwall seems a long way away as we long to visit more often – after all this is our “baby”! Needless to say the pictures were on our web page by the evening, BJ will keep it up to date so all our friends and canal enthusiasts can follow our progress. I still long to touch her!

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