Saturday, July 29, 2006

Updates from Sells Green

The latest pictures of Epiphany arrived today from the boat fitters at Sells Green. Thank you Jon. She has had the ballast put in - a mixture of steel, granite and marble (off cuts!). Bath Narrowboats kindly recycle the waste from one of their neighbouring industries as it costs their neighbours to send it to a landfill site! This ballast must make their boats among the most unique on the waterways I should think. Of course this did not influence our choice of fitters, as we will never see the ballast, we hope!

The floor is also down and so there is somewhere to walk on now. I suppose it will be insulation and wiring next and possible a lick of paint for a first coat. We will not be going up for a week or so but hope for more pictures of the next stages in due course.

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