Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Next Stage

More photos from Sells Green – wonderful, things are progressing well. Battens, spray foam etc. Epiphany is coming to life – how fanciful! I think that some of our friends may be a little fed up with our main topic of conversation so if any of you are reading this we are sorry! Little wonder that our son suggested we call the boat “Obsession”. I suppose it is partly that long-term we hope Epiphany will be our home. We sold our house years ago when BJ had a change of career and so it’s a bit like starting again. Anyway this whole exercise is keeping us “out of mischief” and giving us a shared interest and goal and that cannot be bad. Maybe there are some who may learn through our experience being so fully documented in cyberspace! Our family has grown up with technology thanks to BJ’s first career and abiding interest in ICT development and systems analysis. So it is not surprising that we embrace this medium

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