Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Looms and Horses

Progress continues – we now have evidence of electric wiring! Electrical activity will of course take longer! It looks as it was quite a complicated process – more akin to knitting maybe. Jon had all the diagrams for us to approve when we were last at Sells Green. We may seem to have a lot of sockets but they are all in convenient places according to use. Needless to say all the electrical equipment will not be running at the same time – we are actually careful how we use the electrical systems as flat domestic batteries can be a nuisance. Lots of cruising helps, and on our share boat (Twelfth Night) we had worked out the optimum number of hours required to top up the batteries.

The Shire engine looks shiny and new – installation is proposed for next week. Again we have experience of this engine from TN and have been impressed with its performance.

The security rings are something we asked for as we have ideas of using a system that is more secure than just ropes when necessary. This again comes from experiences and narrow escapes on Twelfth Night. Notably on the Leeds and Liverpool!


  1. Security rings are a good idea, more and more boats seem to be using chains & padlocks to moor

  2. Hi - I bought a shell from colecraft too. I am (will be)fitting it out myself once I have read up on all the regulations etc.

    One thing I have read is that no wiring should be in contact with the sprayfoam insulation. I see yours is ! Do you know what the rules are before I start mine ?



  3. Thnks for your query, i have forwarded it to BJ - my expert to reply!

  4. Our experts say it is polystyrene insulation which can over years react with the pvc in the wiring insulation causing it to become brittle and possibly flake off exposing the conductors.
    Hope your build goes well and you enjoy creating your own boat too! Good luck.


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