Wednesday, August 16, 2006

"The best laid plans"

A weekend away – but not on the canals unfortunately as it was a visit to our son’s new home. We also arranged to return via Sells Green too. We did spend some time walking on the Lancaster Canal and visited Tewitfield. I think that is as far north as it is possible to be on the main system at the moment. Hopefully the next time we will cruise there on Epiphany. Who knows, maybe even the northern section may be restored in our lifetime so we can use the locks and not just take photos of dereliction. Who put that motorway bridge there anyway?

There were more photos from Sells Green at the weekend though. Lining out, stern greaser and fuel lines and engine room painted, so things are really moving well. We gather that the engine is now in and ready to be connected up.

We had planned to visit there on our way home but the car had other ideas and broke down on the M4. The fourth emergency service returned us home – eventually. We passed J17 (the one for Sells Green) at about 9pm on a relay truck so didn’t think we would try our luck then!

We now hope we may be going up this weekend as there are things to discuss and of course more photos to take so expect lots more!

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  1. good to see the boat looking "like a boat"


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