Sunday, August 20, 2006

Have engine, will travel - eventually

We made it to Sells Green this time. We decided on a very early start to avoid all the visitors returning “up country” after their wonderful holiday in sunny, beautiful Cornwall. Commercial break over!

That gave us time to explore the area around and on the Kennet & Avon canal as the weather held out for us. We walked the towpath at Seend and spoke to some of the boat owners on the go and moored up. One lady was very kind as we picked her brains about live aboard cats. She had a lovely grey Persian who seemed quite at home. We didn’t go into the Barge Inn this time, as we shall enjoy that when we cruise.

Epiphany has continued to “grow”; she has been lined out, cabin sides and roof. The Shire engine is in and running. BJ turned the key, a familiar high pitched whistle and the engine turned over! I had the privilege of turning her off once she had been revved thoroughly! I am sure that only those of you who have experienced this too will understand our excitement and pleasure to hear the engine. Others probably think we are nuts.

Alan, Bath Narrowboats accomplished boat painter has started on the external coach paint. We had a long discussion on the finer points and look forward to seeing further progress. The cream colour is just as we imagined – just wait for the blue to see the full effect.

It seems we will have hot water as the calorifier is installed – but obviously still need the heating boiler! We had big discussions about the next stage, galley cupboards, lighting, fixtures and fittings to name a few things. It seems that the differences and progress will appear to slow down now as the more detailed fitting out takes place, or so Jon assured us. All in all a very satisfactory if exceedingly long day for all involved.

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