Monday, August 28, 2006

Water and Electricity but no Shocks

Bank Holiday Monday! A good day to laze around and update things! Epiphany is going “live”. I.e. the domestic batteries, inverter and travel pack are in. Maybe tested with an electric kettle? “Fin-rads” I hear you say – why not, I hate the white radiators, as they can be so intrusive in a small space. They will not be the only source of heating, as we shall have the ubiquitous Morso Squirrel multi fuel stove. In a fairly open plan boat the stove will also heat the rest of the boat. We have experienced how much heat they throw out. On Twelfth Night we have been known to open the bow doors and windows during the winter to cool off! On one occasion the heat melted the curtain rail – we were not the culprits though.

The water pump is as far away from the bedroom as possible as I wake up at the slightest noise! Hopefully we shall be able to leave it on now and not have to turn it on at night to have a drink and wake the sleeping partner. Anyone for a shower? Oops, no shower cabinet yet but the towel rail cum radiator is in.

A few interesting design points, arrived at in discussion with Bath Narrowboats and ourselves – the anchor brackets in the bow and the integral dip stick for the diesel tank. One of our security requirements is the locking filler cap. Remember the security rings on the bows?

If you think that the inside of the boat looks dark it is because the portholes are covered by the american oak lining which of course will be cut away and replaced by the porthole glass in due time.

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