Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Our first visit to OUR boat

Well, I touched Epiphany today! No tears but a big grin on both our faces. Her rubbing strakes were on, she was having careful spot welding and once that is finished bulkheads, bow and stern, roof and cabin sides will follow. The boat builders are very helpful and explained what is happening and that Epiphany will grow faster now. They are taking photographs at the end of each day so we will have a chronicle of the boat. We gave them two instant cameras to do this and will either get them put on a CD or scan the best for – guess what – the web site! There is another boat in the workshop to be fitted out by the same fitters. This has been held back so both shells can be transported and craned at the same time. But it now seems that Epiphany will make a solo trip, for which we are grateful, as we were worried that this would make her even further behind. In our minds we have July 20th as the date, but await confirmation from the boat fitters. We think that they have a crane to book anyway as they plan to put a finished boat in the water and so will arrange Epiphany to fit with this.

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