Monday, March 05, 2007

Catching Up and Cruising Too

Here is the picture as promised below!
This morning dawned bright and clear. Wow, the sun was shining again and here is the picture to prove it! (Problems with blogger so I will upload the picture later!) The early morning trains – the main line from Paddington to Penzance - woke us but we both went back to sleep as we had had a late night the previous night. There were no trains during the night so maybe there was engineering on the main line over the weekend.

BJ spent the morning catching up on his Save Our Waterways work, ensuring the pictures on flickr were being uploaded correctly. Make sure you have a look, as there are lots of photos from across the network. There were some very successful events by all accounts. Hopefully reminding the “Powers that like to think that they be” that DEFRA has affected a lot of people and penalising others for their mismanagement is not something they can get away with easily.

I also caught up on some jobs, cleaned the stove out, cleaned the floors and generally tidied up. We therefore missed out on enjoying the sun whilst cruising. However it was great to be moored with the sun flooding in and the cratch open, giving that a chance to dry out too. I took more pictures of Epiphany and where we were moored, just for the record!

We had run out of water, yes we did not fill up last time we got back to the marina! BJ was sure we had, I knew we hadn’t! I was good and did not argue. I felt vindicated when the shower I tried to have failed! So we cruised back to Pewsey for lunch, water and shopping. Fortunately the tap at the wharf is pretty fast so it didn’t take long to fill the tank.

By the time we walked back from the village it was raining! We are hardy souls, John got dressed up and cruised, I rested and read! We made Honey Street and despite the developing gale, managed to moor. Part of the boat is sheltered but the bows are not! As I write we have brought in the sat dish and life belt. The boat is rocking and being buffeted in the wind and we are partly sheltered! How other boats are further along I dread to think. It is also belting with rain. Someone yesterday said the canal is higher than he has ever seen and there is definitely some water around in the fields.

Ah well, we will be rocked to sleep; perhaps it will not feel so bad in the bedroom which is in the middle of the boat. Anyway after all the exercise we have had today, walking and fighting to control the boat when mooring in the wind, we should sleep well.

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  1. Hi,

    Just googling for 'Devizes Marina' and found you. Glad you had a good trip to Honey Street, we were down at the Dev Wharf blockade which was well attended by boaters and gongoozlers alike.

    Anyway, my real purpose in writing this is to say I'm sorry we've not yet had a chance to introduce ourselves though I first saw you coming in to your berth as my son and I were leaving in our car a month or so ago but didn't realise we were to be neighbours!

    Best wishes


    (juliannt at


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