Wednesday, March 28, 2007

We "Have A Dream"

I have made a commitment to continue our saga of "down sizing" See comments on last post! I am not sure about giving hints and tips but I know that there are a lot of people like us who "have a dream" so our experience may help - or not.

We only have a very short time to do this - our present home is tied to BJ's job. Right from the start of our adventure of designing and building Epiphany she was "our home", the one we owned. We do not have a land base to store, sell, or even consider letting out.

My first tip would be start earlier if it is your plan to move on to the water! My second tip would be do not hoard anything from the minute you have an inkling that that is your ultimate goal! Here is a third - if you file personal papers, make sure that you throw away older versions as you file! We are currently shredding and throwing way years of paperwork. The recycling men will have a fit!

BJ, lucky B, has been on Epiphany for a couple of days. He was investigating job possibilities. He single-handed to Devizes for an over night stop in wonderful weather. Only a hour down the canal - 5 minutes by car! No locks or swing bridges to challenge him! Actually he has done a fair bit of single-handing and has learnt so much about how the boat and water behave in locks and other situations. He has even "supervised" me single-handing through a lock - a good learning experience.

So, enough for tonight! I will try to keep you all up to date, so keep an eye on your site feeds, alerts etc for nb Epiphany.

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