Saturday, March 03, 2007

Cruising At Last, Sunny of Course

We have been on Epiphany for a couple of days now. Two days in the Marina, catching up on jobs, friends and attending the Pewsey Wharf Boat Club AGM. Being British I am now going to comment on the weather. You may skip this and go to the next paragraph if you are fed up with weather discussions! It has been beautiful, sunny and at times warm – a bit of a breeze and it has only rained at night, so far.

After the AGM we were desperate to get out of the Marina and cruise. However it was not so simple, our stern doors would not open. The mortise lock had a problem. We finally got them open. It is a good job we have sturdy bolts on the inside, as they will still be secure despite this. A repair job for tomorrow I guess.

The canal is still quiet with only a few narrowboat movements. I hope that there were plenty of boats down at Devizes Wharf today for the Boat Club protest, barbeque and canal blockade. No doubt we will soon get pictures through on the Save Our Waterways Flicker site. BJ hopes it will be easier to upload this year as he has tweaked it and sent out instructions. I hope you will all have a look and upload your photos into the right set!

We cruised up to Honey Street to meet with Rachel who is the soft furnishing expert for Bath Narrowboats. Two of the boats that they have in build would like curtains like ours so she came to pick our brains. Rachel is a professional seamstress so I am sure she will make a more professional job than I did. If you are interested have a look at the gallery at the interior of Epiphany. The Owners like the neatness and simplicity of the look!

The third boat they have in build is their “Crick Boat”. We had a look at it on Friday and although not to our taste, (each owner has their own ideas and BN are very good at building to the owners requirements) it will be a lovely boat and will show off Bath Narrowboats skills well. Go and see it at Crick. We hope to, but unfortunately will not have time to take Epiphany.

The Barge Inn at Honey Street is famous for being in a Morse Episode and has lots of information about crop circles. We have eaten there in the past and were impressed – probably not this time though – may have a drink!

Tomorrow we cruise to Pewsey to join in with the blockade there with the Boat Club at the Wharf. We then hope to go a little further up the Kennet and Avon, but have to turn round as we have to return. This is only a short break. I will try to put something on the blog each day. However that will depend on Orange (VERY frustrating)! They have had a few problems in the last couple of days but BJ is online at the moment so it seems to be OK.


  1. I didn't know the Barge had been in a Morse!! Which episode? Love reading your blog as my Scrapbooking 'name' is Epiphany and I had hoped to call my own boat that one day!!

  2. Hi Silver Horde,
    Thanks for comment. great to hear you follow our blog from California. I cant remember which episode of Morse, I am sorry. There may be other Morse fans who read this and can answer.


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