Sunday, November 19, 2006

Come On, Join in, Make a Difference

We are still around. Epiphany is at her mooring. Just a few snagging items for Bath Narrowboats to complete. We will be uploading some photos from her maiden voyage eventually! This was completed over 2 days due to getting away from Bradford on Avon later than planned after her launch. See next blog!

As you see on the index home page we have a new link to "Save our Waterways", a vital campaign for anyone interested in our inland waterways, whether it be for their heritage, beauty, leisure or a "means to an end". What would the walkers, cyclists, fishermen, joggers, dogs, wildlife do without the tow paths and the water? It is not only boaters that use canals and rivers.
How would owners of the houses, appartments and offices feel about looking out on a dirty ditch? Which is what they would become without maintenance and boat movements.

I worked in Reading in the mid seventies and I remember walking down the side of where I worked to look at the dirty ditch that the K & A was then. We had an interest in canals even then and had a couple of holidays on hire boats in 73, 74 and planned to continue. Over the years we spent many happy times hiring boats and exploring the cut.

How wonderful the K & A is now thanks to all those who worked and fought to improve and keep it open. 33 years later, here we are using the K&A as our home waters. Strange how life goes!

So make sure you make time to get to one of the protests on Saturday. Lets make our voices heard, keep the pressure on and Save our Waterways. Follow the link for more details

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