Monday, November 20, 2006

Extended Maiden Voyage or First Journey - take your pick!

Bath to Devizes Marina, or "homeward bound", with a crew of friends.
OK, confession time the pictures of the locks down into Bath were taken as I took a walk the morning we left Sydney Wharf. We did not take Epiphany down, but definitely will in the future. It was such a gorgeous morning that as she was watered and fuelled up I wandered with our friends down the Widcombe flight. Not all 6 but down to where I was able to take the views of Bath seen here. It was crisp, cold and what a blue sky!
After leaving Sydney Wharf, Cleveland House (the original HQ of the Kennet and Avon Canal Company) and the ornate bridges of Sydney Gardens provide some lovely reflections. The canal then follows the Avon Valley to Dundas Aqueduct - mentioned in a previous post as a start point for one of our hiring holidays. I couldn't resist taking these photos as we swung onto it - both Johns at the stern.
The next photos are as we climb the Caen Hill flight, paired with another of Bath Narrowboats (Salix Alpha) on its way to Devizes too. Note the steerers on Epiphany, changing as we climb, me first, then Carolyn, finally BJ! We women make sure we pull our weight and fair dos for all. Somehow John missed out as he was happy to lock wheel.
At the top, a few more locks through Devizes. Devizes Wharf is where the canal protest blockade on Saturday 25 November 2006 takes place. Hopefully with about 40 boats, entertainment and food. See Save Our Waterways website.
Devizes Marina is in sight, new pub being built on the doorstep! and Epiphany comes home.
The skipper checks the mooring ropes and we are there for the night. The next day we took Epiphany up to Pewsey Wharf and ate at one of the pubs there. The photos are some evening shots, atmospheric effects courtesy of darkness falling before we moored up. The return to the Marina the next day was in fog, so no pictures as we could only see one boat length ahead!
Sometime BJ will reconfigure this website so we separate the build from journeys but please have patience, and stay with us!

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