Sunday, November 19, 2006

Launch, Launch, and Lots More

Our photos of the launch day are now up on the website, lots of them! In great detail but we hope they will compliment those already up which were taken by friends. No comments yet so I will not link to them individually as the order may change as BJ works on them! The lift out of Sells Green, journey to Bradford on Avon Marina, craning in, celebrations and launch are all there!

The new shell being delivered is the next boat for Bath Narrowboats to work on, also for a customer from the South West. It will be a very different looking boat but we are sure that the owners will be as delightrd as we are with Epiphany. We feel we have made some good friends with all the staff and plan to pester them occasionally!

Included in the gallery are photos taken by Richard Clarke, also a Director of Bath Narrowboats. He is the Sydney Wharf "Boss"!

Also in the same section are photos of the maiden voyage from Bradford on Avon Marina, through Bradford lock, with three of the lads from Bath Narrowboats on board. We moored for the night just below the lock, eating at Lock Inn Cottage. A great place to eat, it was all decked up for Halloween Night - quite spooky!

Next morning BJ and I set off for Bath. It was a glorious day, Epiphany swam beautifully, looked gorgeous and we attracted a few comments. One comment was "thats the best boat I have seen for months".

On the way we passed some well known parts of the K&A. We have called into The George at Bathhampton two or three times when visiting Bath by road. Once when the canal was being worked on and was completely drained for relining. We passed another Bath Narrrowboats boat, a wide beam and also one of their recent narrowboats, as seen on their website for sale.

Bizarrely we also saw one of our Twelfth Night Share Association (share now sold!) owners walking his dog at Bathhampton. He was there working for the day. We pulled in to the towpath for a chat, small world as he lives in Gloucester.

Bath was glorious, views over the city as we approached were tinged with sun. We were making for Sydney Wharf, the other "home" for Bath Narrowboats. There they have the restaurant boat The John Rennie, some day boats and the Anglo Welsh Hire Fleet. A wonderful place to start from on the K&A, in reach of the centre of Bath and it sights and a lovely cruise up the K&A, or onto the River, as far as you can get in the time available on your holiday.

Pictures of the Wharf were taken early in the morning when BJ woke, very artistic! One oftThe hire boats is Silver Dove - photo for nostalgic reasons - she was the last hire boat we had from Anglo Welsh and at the time were very impressed with a microwave on board! We took her from Dundas onto the Thames and back to Newbury with our friends who have been very much part of our Epiphany journey so far. The K&A had not long been fully opened then.

OK, so now we start the Journeys of Epiphany. From now on the blog will be about these, starting with or journey back up to Devizes and all the excitement of lots of locks!

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