Sunday, November 26, 2006

We Joined In. How About You?

We have just returned from a few days on Epiphany. Of course there are new photos! These will be uploaded soon. I took some internal pictures to bore you with, mainly to show her now well and truly as "home" - well second one anyway. I suppose we have joined the ranks of second homeowners now, although that is not strictly true as our "first" home goes with BJ's job. Two homers then!

I suppose more importantly we were on Epiphany to join in the protest blockade at Devizes Wharf, K & A canal, on Saturday. Here is a foretaste of the photos, which will be in our gallery. Epiphany decorated with Save Our Waterways posters (third boat from the Wharf) and you can just make out the Skipper! Skipper's Mate was "David Bailey" for the day! Actually I would prefer to be Lord Lichfield I think.

There are more photos of the Devizes blockade and other events around the country on Also on the Save Our Waterways website, with written reports from other events.

The Devizes event was a great success, about 40 boats blocked the canal at the Wharf, blasted horns and hooters on the hour, enjoyed a barbeque (thank you chefs), nobbled passers by for their signatures on the petition and despite the damp weather generally made our presence known. The Mayor of Devizes came, signed the petition and lots of photos were taken, the local press included. In the afternoon the sun shone but as dedicated boaters nobody minded the weather anyway.

Thanks must go to the organisers, Devizes Boat Club and the K & A Canal Trust. In the evening food and a band were laid on. Unfortunately we had to leave before the band as a 4 hour journey home awaited us. I won a raffle prize though, yeah!

So folks, check out future events on SOW
Make sure YOU make your voice heard, sign the petition and the electronic petition, write to your MP. We need to keep our linear National Park open for use and available for everyone. In 1884 campaigners set up the National Trust for the protection of coastline, countryside and buildings, and government passed an appropriate Act, The National Trust Act. Would the waterways were seen as equally important by all.


  1. Hi Just found this blog of yours. Will go to the www site next. Sorry I was not able to offer tea when you called. The boat was in bits! Chas

  2. Hi Chas and Anne,
    Not a problem - we hope your boiler was Ok, shame about the diesel price, hope you enjoy the website. john is planing to sort it out soon as the photos ned editing! Hope to see you sometime. Fiona


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