Sunday, December 10, 2006

Wind, Rain and Christmas Carols on a December Cruise

Cruise: Devizes – Crofton Top Lock (R)

Tuesday 5th December

We have a few days to explore the K&A canal further. The weather forecast looked blustery, wet but not cold. However there seemed only one or two boats on the move. Google alert had notified BJ that a blog had mentioned “Narrowboats”; on following the link he discovered that “Moore 2 Life” was at Devizes having a new boiler put in. So we popped over and spoke to Chas at the Marina. John had seen that Sue had bought a new boat from Devizes – “No Problem 2”. Fortuitously I opened Allington Swing Bridge just as she approached and the usual greetings of “hope to see you later” took place!

So lots of firsts with Epiphany: Our first blustery night when we thought everything would take off from the roof and the sat dish fell over with a bang. Our first torrential rain storm and really muddy steerers step; our first loss of a fender at Wooten Rivers, and a futile attempt to rescue it. Duck “poo” on the roof from an adventurous friend; Bruce tunnel, interesting but short, but at least we were able to test the headlight and BJ approves of the stern light as he is able to see the stern too. We winded in what felt like a force 50-gale and lashing rain at Crofton Top Lock, nice bit of helmsman ship! We are beginning to get the hang of playing with the sat dish each time we moor and finding out about the vagaries of mobile Internet and phone signals along the K&A.

However, more importantly, we are both agreed that Epiphany is the best thing we have ever done, she is really what we wanted and really ours. We love being on her and out in all weathers and it is great to begin to meet fellow boaters on this lovely stretch of waterway, for once I agree with a Tory MP. Thank you Michael Ancram for giving the Kennet and Avon Canal some publicity in parliament this week – keep up the good work all you “Save Our Waterways” folk.

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  1. I have seen Tywardreath at Foxton locks a couple of years ago with mum, had a chat as they come down, I think he said they had a home in St Blazey.Hope you enjoy your boat to the full, we hpoe to have ours built by sept 008, about the same size as yours, 58ft long, but 14ft wide with twin 115hp motors. Merry Christmas.


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