Friday, December 29, 2006

Christmas Cruise, Post Christmas Post

We are back in Devizes Marina after a 5-day break on Epiphany. We made it for Christmas Day – well just, as we arrived at 9.15pm! Only a short break so we would be covering some of the route of the Kennet and Avon Canal we did previously. However we never tire of repeat routes as the scenery is ever changing and there is always something we did not notice the last time. We spent 5 years repeating ourselves on the Staffs and Worcs, the Shroppie and the Trent and Mersey Canals when we had Twelfth Night so know well how it feels.

Boxing Day was a 20 minute cruise, only 20 minutes?! Ah yes, but in a good cause. Our friends were joining us for lunch and so we booked in to the Bridge Inn at Bishops Cannings. Well worth the short trip as lunch was really good and it is a very friendly pub – to be recommended. We saw others have the same idea as other boats arrived after us. We had a good day, suggested a walk on the towpath but we all were settled back on the boat by then, in the warmth, so we played Yahtzee instead.

The next few days we pottered towards Pewsey in dry weather, despite the long range forecast insisting it would be wet and windy! We explored All Cannings and found the port a cabin shop; unfortunately we left it to the afternoon before venturing out, so it was shut! All Cannings is a pretty village, lots of thatched roofs and Christmas lights. We had a look in the Church, very interesting with its chancel and sanctuary configuration. We will visit the shop another time I am sure.

So on to Pewsey, a stop at the wharf to water up, drop rubbish and empty the cassette followed by mooring up to take a wander into the village to shop. We then did a quick scoot up to the winding hole, winded and back into our mooring for the night. BJ spent the afternoon changing things in the stern cabin. He moved the fire extinguisher so we can have a shelf to put cups on, room for the mooring spikes and relocated the tiller arm storage. He put hooks in the wet locker for wet gloves etc. In the galley my cup and glass drawer now has hooks for mugs and cups and the cleaning cupboard has hooks for bags, dustpan etc. What a star he is!

There were a couple of boats on the go during the day, as the weather was reasonable and even quite sunny for a while! Although the linear moorings and winter moorings slow one up a bit it is still a pretty and relaxing trip. Anyway I am still nosy about other boats so enjoy looking at the contrasts in repair, wear and tear, care and neglect that are evident in other narrowboats. Epiphany still looks very new, naturally, but we certainly have some wear and tear on her from locks, canal sides and other “hazards”! This does not really bother us, as a narrowboat is to be used in a contact sport and not to be admired in a marina! Anyway, at the end of the day a few drinks at the Waterfront and we were ready to turn in for an early start back to Devizes.

Needless to say Friday morning dawned, wet and windy, as per usual so far for our return to the marina! I completely failed to shut Bishops Cannings chain bridge – I had managed to open it by sheer determination. So after negotiating through, battling the wind, BJ had to close it for me.

So into the marina, again wind assisted, but a creditable berthing once out of the wind and we were able to spend the afternoon relaxing – err hum, BJ was, I cleaned the floor! He deserved to relax, as he was the wettest!

Homeward bound via John Lewis for some more curtain material. I have decided that we need “bungs” in all the portholes as they help with cutting down on dripping condensation and heat loss. So 6 more “bung” covers to make! In the saloon and bedroom this will give us a choice of “bung”, “bung” and curtain or just curtain. We will also have “bungs” in the bathroom after all, not for privacy as the frosted glass is very good, but they will help keep the heat in.

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  1. You sound as though you are having a wonderful time. This has always been a dream of mine and my wife's, to retire to a narrow boat.

    Thanks for sharing this, it is a wonderful blog.


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