Saturday, December 16, 2006

Lets Hear it for a Traditional Christmas

Happy Christmas readers!

We still haven't done our cards! But hope to catch the 2nd class post this week. We are landlubbers at the moment but hope to be on Epiphany over the Christmas holiday.

I was musing on how Christmas has lost its way. The weather is more like early Autumn, the wild animals and birds are really confused. Some of the spring plants are shooting and down here in Cornwall we have the Capital of the County celebrating a "Winter Festival". Yes political (over) correctness has reached Truro! On all main roads into the city we are welcomed with "Winter Festival Park and Ride" signs. How sad, we should celebrate our heritage. Whether we have a Christian belief or not it is what has shaped our country. Perhaps we need to look back to see what is going wrong with our communities and learn from history, not try to obliterate it?

Enough rant - We both sincerely hope that you will enjoy a happy and peaceful Christmas and New Year. Remember the reason for the celebration and be thankful for all we have.

My next post will probably be from Epiphany, providing BJ can get my mobile to work as a modem (his does already of course!).

Christmas will be over and we will be moving into Epiphany! Absolutely no prizes to those of you who know the Church calendar and recognise the pun.

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