Monday, October 23, 2006

Flying Photographer

Pictures arriving daily as “the plan comes together”. Some aerial views give a different perspective. We think we know how Jon, the photographer, appeared to fly to the rafters to take the photos. I will leave you to guess!

No draughts now as the bow doors are on, I like the large windows. The hob is in place with its splash back as mentioned before. The port side of the galley with the granite, worktop and hob looks great, just as I hoped. The up stand, as on the starboard side will complete it.

At the stern we have fold up brass steps to help with getting up and down via the roof in locks. We think it is more sensible to have them at the stern, not bows as some boats. When single-handing it means that you can get back to the tiller directly if necessary. Also, as is our wont BJ, (who could also be called Mr. Long Legs) often climbs off so we both do the paddles. This can be particularly necessary with some of the very stiff, heavy lock gear that needs a strong arm to raise the paddles. He can then get back to steer out of the lock as dropping the paddles is much less strenuous!

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