Friday, October 13, 2006

Tiles Are Us

This takes some keeping up with – yet more photos! Shower tiling is complete, just the doors and workings to add! The vanity unit which holds the basin also will have tiles on top, as will the washing machine which will be forward of the shower. We are also having a “splash back”(!) behind the cassette loo, white tiles again. I hope the bathroom won’t feel like too like a swimming pool with all the tiles! I shall have to buy some fluffy towels and accessories to add colour. The immersion heater is for use when we are hooked up in the marina; the shower pump is in reach from the shower, which will have bi-fold doors.

Outside, the fairleads (those brass thingamys on the rails) are to help guide the centre ropes and prevent them damaging the paintwork. When we first started hiring, over 30 years ago, such things as centre ropes were not fitted. Now we would not be without them, particularly when single handing the boat when the other crewmember is locking.

BW logo awaits Epiphany’s registration number, which will then complete the stern panels. There are other bits of paintwork to finish, bows and stern and the cratch is yet to be fitted. No doubt our visits in the next few days will result in lots more pictures for your delectation.

My job at home is to finish the porthole bungs. The curtains are completed and await the iron so they will be ready to hang before she goes in the water on the 31st.


  1. The pictures you are taking and showing give a good impression of the stages of a boat build, and its superb so much is going on so quickly! I bet you can't wait until the end of the month when it is all done. The interior looks excellent!

  2. Thanks Bones. You bet we are looking forward to launch day! Bath narrowboats are doing a great job, the pressure is on now. She really feels like a narrowboat. hope you have caught up with the latest photos!


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