Thursday, October 12, 2006

Starry Reflections?

Pictures are arriving almost daily, thanks to Jon. Remember the mirror in the box? It is now where it should be, over the dressing table in the bedroom. I am not sure yet how bright the lights will be – I may blind myself in the mornings! Overhead cupboards in the bedroom again add to the storage space, off centre, because the port porthole is forward from the bed. The reasons for this being the type of fold up bed – it would have blocked a center porthole, and so that the externally the asymmetric portholes looked right.

The shower tiles and silver wavy trim tiles will echo the chrome theme in the bathroom and give lots of reflected light, together with other tiled areas.

The finished sign writing on the stern panels looks as good as we hoped, at least we think it does, and it is our boat! The bows echo the colours and repeat the star. Any comments about “following the star” and wise men can be kept to yourself!

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