Sunday, October 22, 2006

Our Epiphany is Almost Here

“Whew!” I have some catching up to do. The photo gallery is way ahead of me as there have been at least three lots added since my last blog. So be warned this is a long blog! I am writing this in between watching the Brazilian Grand Prix and Michael Schumacher’s swan song and hopefully Fernando Alonso’s back-to-back championship. Not forgetting Jenson Button, of course! So if I don’t make sense blame the excitement of the race!

Back to a slower method of transport, but a sport too some may say – a contact sport. Contact between fellow enthusiasts – great. Contact between boats and immovable objects are less popular but a fact in the narrowboat world! Comments on Epiphany to follow now:

The stern cabin with its occasional bunks, cupboards, wet locker and mirror now only awaits the bedding. The stern doors are in place too. I tried the porthole bung too, inside and out. Sorry, pause, as there are 4 laps to go…. Wow, Alonso World Champion, Jenson on the podium and goodbye to Schumy, what a race!

Back to the boat, actually more important! From the stern cabin, we move into the bathroom. This awaits the mirror on the cupboard, but other mirrors and tiling are finished. I can take my morning shower too. The washing machine will be plumbed in this week. Next comes the bedroom. Bendy lights mean we can read in bed. Cupboards for storage, bedside tables and dressing table – mirror with lights to pander to my vanity! Two wardrobes give room for hanging clothes. We are putting full-length mirrors in this room too. They will help reflect the light from the portholes, which will be curtained.

Into my space now, well actually we share the cooking, washing up etc. A new addition and the result of a brain wave is the granite, appropriately named “galaxy” to follow our starry theme. There are some bits and pieces to finish in here - namely, the pull out larder cupboard, hob with splash back and up stand behind the work surfaces. The drawers are made and await the drawer fronts and cupboard doors will also be added.

The saloon has come on very quickly. The shelf run and even the steps (photograph of which is hot of the press as it arrived today) are well on its way. Also today photos of the Morso stove flue, the nearly completed stern paintwork and hatch in place. Staying with the exterior, the cratch window was put on so the makers of the covers could do their measurements. The cratch is large as the bows of Epiphany are wide to accommodate the wider bow doors and need for floor space for a wheelchair. There will also be a table in the cratch; when this is up it covers the window to add to the security. Also here you can see the ID plate for Epiphany.

So, what remains? This list is a start! Poles, boat hook, ladder/boarding plank, water hose, ropes. The spikes, and windlasses are in the box, as are the curtains wrapped in the pink sheet! There are lots of little things but all vital. Soft furnishings are already at Sells Green; crockery, glasses and pans will come from home.

So launch day approaches fast. Are we excited – you bet! Look out for more photos and of course The Official Launch Diary and accompanying beautiful photographs!

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