Sunday, October 08, 2006

To Our Readers

A sub theme seems to be developing.
Here is another boat, well ship actually, yet another way of travelling on the water! Not one we have travelled on though! This is one of the cruise ships that come and go into our local port, Falmouth. As you will see from this web site, we have "problem boaters" in Cornwall too!

However this post is, in good author style, to say a "thank you" to all our readers! Some of you have posted comments and compliments. It is great to get the feedback. In the jargon of the day, our "users" seem satisfied! I have posted replies to queries on the blog.

Some of you are friends who share our enthusiasm for all things water, particularly canal orientated. Others of you are enthusiasts who scour the ether for like minded people and some of you know BJ through the canal forums. Those of you who "lurk" - I think that is the correct term - and I am sure hundreds(!) of you do, we would be happy to hear from you. You can also contact us from the index page, just click on the cat on the letterbox.

We hope that our website provides lots of information about the building of a narrowboat, in our case a truly bespoke boat. We set it up to be a pictorial record for us and hope to continue the saga once Epiphany is in the water. So in the future there may be other pages, journey logs and photos, and other bits and pieces that we feel might be interesting. So we hope you enjoy the site enough to stay with us!

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