Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Canoe Canoe?

Say the title quickly and the answer is "yes I can". See below.

I am heading up to the Kennet and Avon canal and our boat tomorrow, on my tod! Actually my sister is joining me for the Easter weekend. She has never been on a narrowboat and certainly never on a canal. This will be a whole new experience for her and I plan to "break her in" gently. I think she is afraid she will find it claustrophobic and that there will be a lot of movement, I have assured her it is nothing like going to sea! However her desire to see where I shall be living has overcome her trepidation!

I don't think we will cruise as we may visit some of the touristy things around Devizes.

I quite fancy visiting Avebury

Marlborough for some retail therapy and maybe

Bath for some history and shopping too.

Of course I expect everywhere will be busy, especially as the forecast looks reasonable.

Good Friday morning just has to be an early wake up call as I would like to see the Devizes to Westminster Canoe Race as they come past the Marina, about 7.10 am we reckon. There are various races during the weekend, but apparently this one is the most spectacular. I will have my holiday lie-in the next day!

Years ago in my teens I learnt to canoe, first on a duck pond then in the sea. It is great fun in the sea but I was rather put off by the times I spent upside down thanks to the lads in my group. Eskimo rolls were the order of the day. Sometimes I wish I had kept it up but there were not the facilities near where I lived.

We may cruise after the weekend when BJ joins me and my sister leaves me - they do get on, its just all in the timing!


  1. Happy Boating :) Yeah, it is just the timing :)

  2. Hi anil p,
    Thanks for your comments. Glad you are reading our blog!


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