Saturday, April 28, 2007

Sales And Shows

Every room has boxes in it! The lounge looks like a saleroom! We have started on the boxes that we had stored in the roof! Craig (our son) is due home this week to finally decide about his 20 boxes of toys, books, school stuff etc.

What is this sudden flurry of activity for? I have had my last day at work and we are planning a sale next Saturday to see if anyone wants to take anything off our hands before it goes on EBay, or to the dump or charity! We have some full sets of china to dispose off, including Poole Pottery and Noritake sets!

One room has "boat stuff". It will be fun stowing this away. We have some empty cupboards and lockers on Epiphany waiting to be filled! There is some space on the saloon shelves, galley drawers and stern cabin. We are also planning to use our roof box so Epiphany will really begin to look like a liveaboard. The bow, under the cratch needs sorting out and we hope to store some of this on the roof too!

I have a quick trip up to Epiphany next week for a couple of interviews for potential work so I am sure I will have a car full! Moving up is coming very quickly, particularly if I get a job!

We will need a holiday after all this so plan to have a break - starting with Crick! Will that be a rest? No! We hope to be on the Bath Narrowboat's stand. We have seen the boat they are fitting out for the show and she has some unusual details. I am not going to let on, but the boat is of a very high standard. So don't forget to come and find us and have a look at LB08.

We usually bump into someone we know at the show and I am sure there will be some of the "blogging community" there too. After Crick we will be back on the Kennet and Avon canal and get out on the cut with Epiphany at last! Oh joy.


  1. Hi Fiona.
    Firstly thank you for leaving a comment on Hadar's blog. These are exciting times, as you have already found out with your own boat.
    I remember our house clearance, although we left all furniture and fittings. But the amount of stuff we took to the charity shops was totally amazing, and it is hard work, so remember to relax once it is all done.
    I am sure we will see you on the water somewhere along the line. We hope to be down on the Kennet and Avon sometime this summer to see friends so who knows we may see each other.Well its a hot Sunday so enjoy your day.


  2. Well you two, it is Monday and you should be living aboard now.. I guess you are just too busy to blog.. hope you managed to get everything to fit in.. I am sure you have with a bit of a squeeze!

    Remember now, if you buy something new, then you have to throw something away.. that is a major rule of being a livaboard!.. Good luck to you both from Vic, Sue and Lucy xx

  3. Hi Sue - secret locations eh!
    Thanks for your good wishes, see you around.


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