Sunday, April 08, 2007

Did Someone Say It Is Easter Sunday?

Easter Sunday – this has been the most unusual Easter Sunday for years! I am used to going to church, a family meal and then a zzzzzz! Today it was an earlyish start and I had breakfast with my sister. I managed to create Vesuvius in the microwave. The porridge boiled over everywhere! Lois started washing up and I deserted her for some convivial conversation with Sue from No Problem. I was privileged to get a viewing of the livery of NP2 and very smart she looks.

Lois left about 11ish and then I relaxed, ha ha! Actually the truth is I cleared up, made beds, and then settled down to lunch and an hour of “Sweet Baby James”. For some reason we cannot get ITV on the satellite system so I had to forgo seeing F1. Still I caught the result on the Beeb news – a good one for an Alonso fan (regardless of team), and now a Lewis Hamilton fan!

I finally decided that being lazy inside was not a good idea on a warm sunny afternoon so got out the sugar soap to clean off the tar from the chimney. I was then into a cleaning mode so polished the cream on the roof and the stern doors. Sue took a picture that I can prove it by!

So it was then off to Westbury to pick up best beloved. We are now both now watching the Masters and multi tasking with our laptops! We will be off towards Pewsey on the Kennet and Avon canal (by boat, not car) tomorrow for a couple of days. The weather looks good so we will have the opportunity to cruise all day if we want.

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