Saturday, April 14, 2007

Gradually Shrinking Our Possessions

Nearer to the end now. An update and photos of Easter on the water.

We are working through the house room by room! BJ has sorted the utility room, we have done the dining room and I have begun on my clothes! All the boxes are down from the roof. Most of these are our son's possessions so we hope he will come home to help sort them!

I am applying for jobs. I had forgotten how taxing application forms are! I have only another two weeks in my present job and am beginning to feel "demob happy". I shall miss it and the people though.

Once again we have pictures to upload to our gallery on the web site. You will have to wait for them as BJ has more ideas for updating the website. We will have to have a virtual launch party when it goes live!

Meanwhile I will blog on. Here are a few pictures of our Easter cruise from Devizes to Crofton Top Lock (again!) to wet your appetite. A two day trip out and back on the Kennet and Avon canal. It involves 2 swing bridges and 4 locks, and some well known places on the canal.

Horton Chain Swing Bridge and a queue!

Honey Street Moorings. The wharf here (Gibsons Boat Services) has diesel.

Lady's Bridge. The nesting swan is just through this bridge on the right at the edge of Wilcot Wide Water. There was no sign of the partner swan on the way up but on our return it was there. Sometimes swans can be very aggressive when they are nesting. We were attacked by one on the Leeds and Liverpool canal. It was rather frightening for the helmsman as the swan flew right at him. However no such attack this time thank goodness.

Pewsey Wharf Boat Club moorings. Pewsey Wharf and the Waterfront Pub and cafe are after these on the right.

Burbage Wharf with its famous crane. As you see the crane is being renovated, not sure how long it will be covered with scaffolding!

And finally, just to prove that I do get off the boat!

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