Monday, April 09, 2007

Free From "The Ties That Bind Us"

We are out of the Marina! It is good to be cruising, feel the sun and the breeze, see the countryside, see and hear the birds and enjoy the canal more alive with boats. Some of them covered in spring flowers.

There are still a considerable number still in the same place as they have been all winter, many of them still looking sad and deserted. It is great though to see boats and people we recognise – a whole list today. Chris and “Blake”, Trevor and Dale on "Dragonwyke" at Ladybridge, John and Elaine and “Sunseeker”, Adrian and “Unity”, and “Clara Louisa” with her owner and Loenie amongst others!

Wildlife encountered included these chaps

and a dead badger floating in the canal. We thought we saw a badger’s den in the bank so maybe this is now unoccupied.

And what is this sign doing on the canal?!

I couldn’t see any yellow monstrosities so I think we were fairly safe from a brown envelope on our doormat! (In any case we slow down on tick over for moorings)

We decided to moor up before Wootton Rivers and relax with books and laptops! BJ is cooking tonight I think, so washing up is my job!

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