Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Latest Update - Better Late Than Never

We are on board! Sue (NP) has reminded me that I have been absent from our blog! Thanks for the good wishes. Yup - too busy moving I am afraid!

We have been sorting out the convolutions of a land line connection to BT, the permanent electric hook up, stowing away our goods and chattels and trying to get everything organised so I can stay as BJ returns to finish emptying the house. We managed to sell much of our "big stuff" last Saturday, but the nick nacks remain plus loads of books!

I have a job lined up now so all things look good. Once BJ comes up we will get out on to the cut, hopefully for two weeks so the blog will include travels at long last! Until he comes up I will not have broadband so no pics for a while unless he adds them from Cornwall. Note I didn't write "home" as Epiphany is now definitely home and really feels like it too. I will try to keep blogging!


  1. Congratulations!! I bet it feels great to finally be on board and that you're really excited. Glad that the house sale went well and that you managed to clear a lot......a bet that's a weight off your mind. Good luck and enjoy! We'll come and find you at Crick and introduce ourselves!!

    Del & Al

  2. welcome to your new life aboard. We intend being down your neck of the woods in June, will look out for you.

  3. Del & Al, Derek & Dot,
    Thanks for your comments. We look forward to meeting you. We will be at Crick on the Sat & Sun. We will be on the cut after that for 2 weeks (K&A)- holiday at last!


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