Sunday, May 20, 2007

Out And About In The Sunshine

A two-day cruise! Sunshine and showers on Saturday. We left Devizes Marina about 10.15am. It only takes a few minutes to unhook the shoreline and BT line. Big John did that whilst I popped to the nearest food shop. This happens to be the German one beginning with L, so basic provisions are cheap, although I might not be able to understand the instructions!

So off we set, onto the Kennet and Avon canal - no plans, just that we would see where we got to. We had decided that going down 2 locks to the Black Horse in Devizes would not take us far enough. We could moor in the basin but then had hours to kill before locking up on Sunday! So we cruised towards Honey Street.

Some of the "local" narrowboats had moved. Some were surprisingly in the same place. Maybe they have moved since April and come back?! (Ha ha, I don't think so). Waved to Chris and Debbie on "Blake", moored past Horton with "Angels Payment" (Dave and Angela) and continued on through the occasional light showers.

We decided we would moor on Widewater, just after Lady's Bridge. The swan nest was still there: Mummy, Daddy and 5 cygnets.

There were only two or three other boats, unoccupied. It was beautiful so we decided to stay, relax and enjoy the peace. We were slightly aground so had an interesting list to port, but hey, who cares.

I had a few jobs to do, such as watering the geraniums and tidying up.

A few boats passed as we watched the FA cup or at least John did; I read a really good book. It is the best book I have read for a while and is to be recommended - "The Secrets of Jin S'hei" by Alma Alexander. We spent a really restful night, the best sleep for ages!

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