Thursday, May 31, 2007

Uncharted Territory At Last!

As we got ready we noticed boats passing us, going towards Honey Street. Hooray, Lock 51 was open this morning, thanks to Mr BW seeing boats through. We went through just as the rain descended hard. He told us that the BW boat with the workmen was coming from Crofton to mend the gate. So we say “Good old BW” – this time! We found the workboat the other side of Bruce Tunnel so they were really on their way.

We continued up the other 3 locks with no trouble in sunshine and showers. We moored for lunch before Crofton top lock, by which time the rain clouds seemed to have disappeared. The railway line is parallel at this point and as John is a train “enthusiast” we were able to do some train spotting. We had unfortunately missed seeing a steam train as it passed last night due to the bushes between the canal and railway, but we sure heard it!

By now the sun was really shining and it was quite hot. So we set off into “unknown territory” for Epiphany. All the Crofton flight locks should be left empty so they were all “against” us. We did not meet any boats coming up but took turns until I took over the tiller – no stamina, out of practice. By the end of our holiday I shall have built my muscles up again!

I was snapping, using my camera – took 79 pictures! I certainly will not be uploading all of them on to the blog but eventually they will be on the website, when John has a chance to upload them. For now they are somewhat reduced on the blog due to mobile Internet restrictions! Everywhere is so green and the yellow flags are in abundance on the banks.

Lock 60 is where the Crofton Pumping Station dominates the view to port. We had some help from the bystanders with instruction from John!

It was time to moor up which we did just below the lock. It is a very pleasant location, by the side lake. The trains will not run at night so it will be very quiet! The sun still shone and John spent the evening on his laptop in the bows! We may visit the Pumping Station tomorrow. For now it is time to concentrate on “Hustle” before I upload this.

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