Thursday, May 17, 2007

Still Moving

Big John brought up a car-full yesterday! Miraculously most of it has been stowed away on Epiphany. Finding the nooks and crannies on a narrowboat, that is a skill in itself! Just one more trip back to Cornwall and we will both be installed in our new home.

We had a visit from some new Bath Narrowboat customers today. Their shell is in the BN workshop at Sells Green, just outside Devizes (see our website menu and follow the link!). They came up to the marina chandlery to see if they had some ovens (among other things) to look at. They recognised Epiphany as they had looked as our website and came over, mainly because they like our coachwork colour scheme. John invited them aboard, asking them to ignore the mess as he had unpacked the boxes!

They saw our oven (Stoves New World GG720) and decided that it was the model they wanted so didn't have a wasted journey! The visit also confirmed to them that they had chosen the right boatfitter in Bath Narrowboats as Epiphany is of such a high standard. Yes, I am unashamedly advertising for BN!

So, lets hope for a good weekend so we can get out onto the Kennet and Avon; we definitely feel like a short cruise!

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