Thursday, May 24, 2007

Exclusive Preview

John visited Bath Narrowboats' workshop this morning. It is 15 minutes away, just down the road from Devizes. He was able to watch as their Crick Show narrowboat, "Aethelburh", owned by John (another one!) and Barbara, was pulled out of the shed. John gave us permission to put up some pictures of her.

Her owner John was watching! Maybe feeling as we had with Epiphany, heart in mouth and a little nervous, but trusting Jon Langley (yet another "John", but without the 'h') and his staff to look after her!

Then it was up to the crane driver, using his skills and Jon L's directions to get her safely onto the lorry.

It was important to make sure that no knocks, bumps or slips damage the paintwork. As with any new narrowboat, but particularly a show boat, she has to look her best and Bath Narrowboats make sure to deliver a show boat to all owners!

"Aethelburh" has an interesting stern, a cooperation in design between her owners, Colecraft the shell builders and Jon L.

Safely on the lorry, she just needed the slings to be removed and to be made fast on the lorry and job done. Next stop Crick Boat Show!

I couldn't resist adding the final picture of Jon and his partner Rachel, who often makes the owner soft furnishings, as she is an accomplished seamstress. Some of their new owners have copied our curtain idea (in bedroom and saloon) on Epiphany and Rachel had to pick my brains!

"Love is ..... making boats together".

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