Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Bank Holiday Traffic Blues

It has been a busy Bank Holiday weekend. We had a terrible trip up to Lancaster with jams on the M5 and M6 all the way through the Midlands. I suppose it serves us right travelling on the Friday before a BH weekend! How I long to take Epiphany up onto the Lancaster Canal the slow and peacefull way.

It was great to see Craig (our son), who does he look like?

However it was too brief, but this trip completed the last of the move by leaving his stuff with him. I had my short "cat fix" by cuddling his cats. Brandy (short for Brandywine - now I wonder where that comes from?!)

and Took (also the same source!).

Then it was a trip back on the M6 - still horrible - to Crick via the toll road and the M1. I never mind paying the toll as it means a traffic clear trip. We caught up with the guys (and girls) from Bath Narrowboats, had a quick look inside Aethelburh (the show narrowboat) and then off to The Royal Oak in Church Street, Crick for an excellent chinese meal. We finally arrived at our friends near Banbury at around 1am, absolutely shattered. What a day!

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