Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Still in Marina - Let Us Out!

Water, water everywhere, above, below and in the pipes! We are waiting for delivery of my new camera, promised at 10am. It is now past 11 am and no sign of the van. A certain computer retail sales outfit of which we are business customers is supplying it. So far we are not impressed with their customer service as it has been a real hassle to get the camera.

We ordered it by email, then had to follow up with phone calls, called in at the Bury HQ to pick it up as arranged last Friday and the order had not been processed. However on Tuesday they assured us a Wednesday am delivery - ho hum!

Still I suppose sitting with my feet up, blogging, passes for relaxation! The marina are moving boats around and we will have to avoid 2 which are sitting across our bows temporarily. I think we will have to ask the guys to move them as going for'ard may consttiute too much of a contact sport!

We have no plans for our cruise. Just turn left out of the marina. The only thing we agree on is that we will aim to get beyond Crofton Top lock. In other words "To boldy go where no man (Epiphany) has gone before".

John is now having an email dispute with the camera supplier about the so called promised delivery - yes we have 2 laptops, his and hers! It is the only way, otherwise I would have to book time on his. I will let you know how this saga ends. Proof of a happy ending will be some wonderful photos I hope!

Finally, just wondering how the launch of Aethelburh went on to the Ouse at Earith. I hope the weather is not spoiling John and Barbara's pleasure and excitement.

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