Sunday, May 13, 2007

Arrid April, Monsoon May Lead to Joyous June

Oh dear, weather again! I ponder whether the weather will give us a joyous June! We will be on the cut for my birthday so let's hope so. I am particularly annoyed by the rain today as it is affecting the satellite signal and I am sure I will miss the most exciting bits of the F1 race when it goes down.

Yesterday I cleaned, washed and tidied inside the boat, today is a day of rest! I have heard one or two narrowboats coming into the marina from the K & A canal. Obviously it is not too pleasant to be cruising today so they have made for home.

I have to feel sorry for any hirers in this rain as it can really spoil a precious holiday on the canal. However I remember many a holiday when we had to get back to base no matter what. Big John was always the one stuck on the tiller - he maintained he enjoyed it!

It is really great to realise that we will not have too many time constraints now, owning our own narrowboat and choosing when and where to go.

Wow - distracted. A great start for Lewis Hamilton! Lucky Alonso. Masterful Massa? At least I didn't miss that! The satellite god in the sky is on my side after all! Time to enjoy the race.

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