Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Crick Show Sunday - Yuek, Wet As It Can Be And More!

For once the forecast was correct. The rain "empted" down. It was cold, it was muddy and it was windy! However there was not so much mud as last year and wellies helped but were not vital.

Just a reminder of the show in the sun on Saturday before I continue!

A quick wander around the indoor stands in the marquees and I was ready for a hot lunch. On Saturday we had Cornish Pastys from The Cornish Pasty Company, based in Cornwall? - no Portsmouth - but they assured us they were made "somewhere in Cornwall, near the border I think" and sent up frozen to be cooked freshly! OK, we were game to try a large one. Not bad but definitely not a large one, more of a regular size in Cornwall! So Sunday it was curry day, plus a beer in the beer tent - anything to stay dry.

In the afternoon I was in the dry and warmth as Barbara one of the owners of Aethelburh had the "Uno" stove going, warm fin rads and hot cups of tea. Ange, Rachel and I tried to keep the ouside crew, including the other owner John, (3 Johns again - John Aethelburh, John Epiphany and Jon Bath Narrowboats, Richard Clarke, Dave, Dan and then Pete) happy with coffees. It was freezing and despite the awning they were like drowned rats.

Del and Al from "Derwent 6" came by as did Don Williams from Bute Cartograpics and "Rivendell". It was great to meet you guys! So wet and cold we visited "Petroc" for drinks and nibbles. It was great to catch up with Geoff and Gill and their daughter Emma.

They had had a good two days with interest in the boat. We were certainly warmed through by the time we left! So for us it was goodbye to the Crick Boat Show for another year. Did we enjoy it? Yes to a point! We think there were not so many chandlery-type stands, there were certainly lots of boats and boat builders and we really enjoyed the opportunity to sing Bath Narrowboats praises.

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