Friday, June 01, 2007

Locking Down the K And A

A new month, Happy Month! A sunny morning, although we had some rain during the night. We both woke early but took our time about getting going! We decided that we would probably call in on the pumping station on our way back. Another boat came down and moored beyond us whilst we had breakfast – “Dreams” owned by Richard and Jean, members of Pewsey and Devizes Boat Clubs, as are we.

As we prepared to cast off they did too and we were able to lock down together until below lock 67. We were ready for lunch by then, so moored up in the mile long pound. It was shallow at the bank so out came the plank. “Dreams” were continuing to Hungerford for the night. They are on an extended cruise and I am sure we will see them again!

It doesn’t get any better than lunch in the bows, in the sun and on a peaceful mooring. There are still the trains, but not visible! As I write we are both sitting there with our laptops!

Unfortunately there is no mobile or satellite signal, (some would say that is a good thing!) so we will have to move to moor for the night. I can’t miss Dr Who for a second time, - it’s repeated on BBC 3 tonight. Also I shall need to upload this.

We spent some time here, partly because I ended up having a ziz on the bed! It was nearly 5pm when we set off to look for a night mooring. We went down the Froxfield locks but we did not moor in the pound as it was very woody – no signal and also very shallow at the bank. I think I counted 4 if not 5 different paddle gears on the 3 locks! Must try to count them on our return and take some pics. The gates were also very heavy to open, thank goodness John was locking us through! Moored just below lock 71 – 11 locks today.

After a meal cooked by yours truly it is now time to enjoy the evening. The bow doors and cratch are still open as it is still very warm and the forecast is foe a hotter day tomorrow. Footty and Dr Who is the TV menu!

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