Sunday, June 17, 2007

An Evening Cruise and Boats for Hobbits

We decided that we would try and get out of the marina this evening when I got back from the Tea Party I was attending as part of work. We moved out onto the canal about 6.45pm and tootled up to the Bridge Inn at Horton.

What a strange craft moored near the Marina. This either takes a Hobbit or Elf for a night time cruise when all are slumbering; or maybe a very small Builder?!

There had been showers during the day but it was a dry twenty-five minute cruise! We just squeezed in on the pub moorings, had a meal on board and a drink in the pub. We had a convivial chat with the Landlord Sue, and some of her friends from Devizes who have just taken over the Florists there.

It is very quiet and as I write this we can hear birdsong all around us. There is no satellite signal here so the TV does not tempt us.

John has just worked out that we have cruised for 44 days since Epiphany was launched, running the engine for an average of 3.7 hours per day over those 44 days.

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