Friday, June 15, 2007

Bloggers on Bloggers

What did we do on my day off? Firstly we had a bit of a lie in. Then a bit of boat maintenance/cleaning. We then got into our other vehicle - a comparitive gas guzzler but necessary for work! Oh - its just a car. Our destination was Swindon, not one of my favourite places but a good shopping venue. We went to the Western Outlet which is a discount outlet for some of the more upmarket shops like Jager, Austin Reed, and more ordinary shops liks M&S, Next, Clarkes and Lilly & Skinner. It also has a good "Home" section.

We came home with, new jeans, trousers and shorts for me courtesy of part of my leaving present from my last job - M & S vouchers. For the boat a pair of weighing scales for the galley and some weighing scales for us (!) and a hand held mixer, whizzer thing for smoothies, soups, chopping and whisking. No excuse now for whoever is cooking as we have some gadgets!

If you have been following Derek and Dot on "Gypsy Rover" you will know they are in Devizes and we planned to meet up. They are moored on the 72 hour mooring down by Devizes Wharf. We had to call in to Bath Narrrowboats and the Wharf is on our way home. We parked and went to find them - having warned them in advance! The moorings there are full, it is strange, as last weekend it was much quieter and there was lots of space. If everyone decides to go down the Caen flight at the same time there will be a long queue!

Of course we exchanged photos. These were taken on my phone by John. Dot and Derek and "Gypsy Rover"

Me chatting to Derek.

I only had my work camera as I forgot my own and so the ones I took will have to be downloaded on Monday. If they are good I will put them up then. Kalimira - the boat they have been locking with was next door and we asked them to take photos of the foursome - the lady kindly did so, it was beyond her "call of duty" so many thanks!

It was great to meet them and hear about their travels and a bit of the history of "Gipsy Rover". We find it a real pleasure to meet with fellow bloggers and narrowboaters as straight away we have something in common. Everyone is so friendly and we enjoy comparing notes and learning from all we meet.

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