Friday, June 08, 2007

Crofton, Wootton Rivers to Pewsey. Homeward Bound

BW men were strimming the lock banks when we got up. They came to do the moorings and very kindly missed our bit so we did not have grass on the side of the boat or any stones thrown up against the paintwork! It was a sunny morning so we got going up the locks before 11. We were able to thank the strimmers at the next lock as they were working there by the time we arrived.

John started on the boat but took over the locking at lock 58. I think he thought he needed the exercise after our lazy day yesterday. The sun got hotter and hotter so I finally put my shorts on, plenty of factor 30 and enjoyed the warmth.

There was a Heron before Bruce Tunnel – out came the camera, off went the engine and I got a couple of shots. Once through the tunnel he appeared again and I finally got a good shot – it doesn’t like being reduced for the web though! At least I succeeded with a Heron before it flew off this time. If you look carefully he has some companions too!

The crane at Burbage Wharf has been dismantled, was it by the men on Kennet 11? Or was it on the lorry on the bridge! Kennet 11 was the BW boat we saw on its way to repair Lock 51 on our way up. I hope the crane did not waylay them – and let’s hope they had got to the lock!

We waited for a boat at Wootton Rivers Top Cadley Lock; they were planning to moor before the bottom lock so we locked through together until then. Lock 51 is repaired successfully. Thankfully.

It was very pleasant sitting in the bows between Wootton Rivers and Pewsey. As the moorings came in sight they looked full. However we spotted a broad beam moving off and we managed to moor fairly near what we call “our usual mooring”. This is just before the permit moorings. A satellite signal means John is happily listening to cricket whilst catching up on emails. Tomorrow we make for Devizes, either the Marina or Wharf, depending on how we feel, as we need to visit Specsavers. One of the arms on John’s glasses broke this morning. Good job we are on our way back.

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