Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Photos And Update

As we now have broadband, being back in the marina, I have up loaded a small selection of photos from our cruise. They are in chronological order.

Crofton Pumping Station on our way down. Taken from the bottom of the flight.

Some very pretty cottages spotted on our wander around Kintbury.

You can just see Epiphany moored in the distance (on the right) in this photo taken from the top floor of the pumping house. We are now on our way back.

The beam of the beam engine made by Harveys of Hayle, Cornwall.

Glamour Girl - I think not - in the wilderness at Crofton!

The "Up train" at Crofton, taken on the lockside. Who left that rubbish there, it is in the way of my photo!

Mixed messages or what? Hopefully the "Down trains" take notice! I am not so sure of the people who cross though. "Do we risk it or not?" Some choice - between being fined or getting mown down?

Ah memories, but back to more mundane things.

Wednesday already! I am obviously back in the swing of work now! Latest "news": TV for the bedroom bid for on eBay and won by John. Delivered today, not working so another to be delivered next week. Hey Ho.

We saw the model in Currys and this was a reconditioned one. Our TV in the saloon is an eBay success so we thought we would have another go. It sounds a little decadent to have a TV in the bedroom but we like our little luxuries.

Finally the heavy showers promised have materialised, fortunately after I got home. We were thinking of taking Epiphany out this weekend but are not sure now if the weather is going to be conducive to a quick cruise.

It is very humid and at night we are leaving portholes open or even taking the glass out. I suppose the heat inside the boat in the evenings and nights is a reflection of the level of insulation. When it is very hot in the day we can keep the boat cool too with this and lots of ventilation.

Summer must really be here - John has dug his shorts and sandals out. I am not sure whether he is enjoying being a "boat husband", I hope so. Anyway I do not work Fridays so we will have to decide what to do for the weekend soon.

Dot and Derek on "Gypsy Rover" will probably make Devizes at the weekend according to their email today. It would be good to be around to meet them as I have enjoyed reading their blog.

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