Thursday, June 07, 2007

A Rest Day For Some

We woke to a really grey, windy day and neither of us was in a hurry to get up! We changed our minds about going up the Crofton Flight and decided we would have a “rest day”. For me this meant doing a bit of cleaning, not much, just the necessary; a sweep through, a clean of the bathroom and a quick tidy of the saloon. For John it meant a day on the laptop working on the revamp of to be launched later on.

One or two boats were on the move. About midday “Dreamcatcher” came down the lock and moored below us.

On board were Tony Haynes; his faithful dog Sophie and crew.

Tony is the Vice Chair of NABO (National Association of Boat Owners). We had read his article about his “escaping the Basingstoke Canal” after 6 years and his idea of an epic journey from Godalming, Surrey to the outer reaches of the system. This journey is aptly named “The two year NABO Vice Chairman’s Retirement Windlass, Walking Stick and Warfarin Ten Point Cruise in aid of Save Our Waterways”. See the May edition of NABO News, page 12.

John went and had a chat with Tony, exchanging news and no doubt SOW interests. Sadly Tony’s legs do not share his enthusiasm for the cause. However in his heart he is determined to tick off one of the northern points if at all possible. The return journey on the Kennet and Avon Canal could be called an epic voyage for anyone - with all the locks, different paddle gear and heavy gates!

This afternoon is my rest time. Hence the blog update and then I have a good book waiting for me. “With Love from Ma Maguire” by Ruth Hamilton. A Lancashire Lass, born in Bolton, writing about the Cotton Mills of Bolton and the hardship of the workers there. She weaves a story around two families, and how love and conflict can affect the generations. Ruth Hamilton has written many books, a TV series and for children’s’ programmes. You may gather I like historical, romantic novels!

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