Saturday, June 30, 2007

Rust, Planters And Passing Boats

Now I know what it felt to be the Tin Man - he was looking for a heart I think - I am looking for the oil. Yes I am being really cryptic tonight. I am referring (of course) to that stuff falling from the sky. I am rusting, I hope the boat isn't rusting and I am sure that the euphemistic phrase "liquid sunshine" will just "p" everyone off!

However we did get out of the boat today. This afternoon we took a walk down to the top of the Caen flight, just one lonely boat descending. They all came and went this morning, leaving us with a considerable list. We missed seeing Gypsy Rover this morning - we were having a lie in! Thanks for the mention guys! We can't all be early birds! Maybe see them tomorrow on our way back. (Reserve us a mooring at the wharf if you are planning to move on!).

We crossed the road to a garden centre for some small plants for my cat on the roof. Not a real cat, boo hoo, but a ceramic planter. We have been looking for a garden centre for a while. We have driven past it countless times but it takes a boat cruise of 2 miles to find it opposite our mooring! I then took countless photos of 2 very obliging swans who inhabit this pound. Photos when we get back to broadband land.

On Granny Buttons' blog Andrew includes the name of our boat in his comment "..... Epiphany. The canals are full - to - brimming of boats with lofty and aspirational names". Still at least he gave us a mention! John is the lofty one - not the name of the boat! Aspirational? I am not so sure!

Haven't we done well today for mentions - only fair to reciprocate. If you are wondering I did get my fix of F1 practice and Dr Who too. What a brilliant end.

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