Wednesday, June 27, 2007

To Go Down Or Not To Go Down

We have moved! Out of the marina and onto the cut. We decided to forget the potential weather and its forecasts. I was working in Devizes today so John brought Epiphany down to the Wharf and we are moored on the 72 hour moorings just above Kennet lock (Lock 50), just before Town Bridge.

It was great to walk home after work! As I drove to work we have the car here so I can go to work at my other office (sounds good, my work is in the Kennet area so I work at two offices depending which end of the District I need to be!). Then we will probably move down the next 3 locks on Friday.

That takes us to Manifold lock (mentioned in yesterdays blog). After that it is Caen flight and I am not sure we fancy doing a down and back to the Wharf in 2 days! We could do it, it would be good exercise, but I do like to relax and be a bit lazy at the weekends! However if a miracle happens and we have some really good weather I could be tempted to think about it!

I think Derek and Dot on "Gipsy Rover" may be coming back up the flight this weekend - so if you are reading this - we hope to see you sometime!

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