Saturday, June 23, 2007

Beer O'Clock

Yesterday we popped down to Sells Green to Bath Narrowboats' workshop - or Epiphany's "womb"!

They are fitting out 2 boats, one for a New Zealand couple and one for someone who originally came from Cornwall. It is a small world as the next shell to arrive will also be a fit out for someone from Cornwall. Both owners were there finalising details and keeping Jon Langley busy.

Derek and Dot on "Gypsy Rover" told us that they see at least one "Kiwi" boat each day on their travels. We too have seen a fair number! It looks as if the Cornish too are becoming more prevalent! Keep flying the flag guys!

Bath Narrowboats had a successful Crick Show and have some real interest for some more fit outs, which is great. We joined them at "beer o'clock" at the local pub for a drink and cheesy chips. This is a Friday Institution and is a great way to finish off the week for them (and us when we can make it!)

Today we are going on a wood for stools hunt. John has cleared the cratch, all the wood is now on the roof in boxes, and now we want to build/find 2 stools to act as storage/steps/stools to sit on. We are just getting a bit of a tennis fix, watching the women's final from Eastbourne. Wimbledon next week - whoopee!

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