Saturday, June 09, 2007

Readers, Friends and Acquaintances on Narrowboats

We had a good evening at Pewsey. After a meal we went for a drink at the Waterfront Bar. Graham was welcoming as usual. The usual customers were there. It was good to relax with a beer or two (John) and a whiskey and coffee (me!).

We set off this morning in familiar territory, passing boats from Devizes Boat Club on their treasure hunt to Wilcot. One or two remarked we were going in the wrong direction! The sun became hotter as the day passed. A few clouds cooled things down sometimes.

As “Tickly Too” from Stroudwater (Rose and Baz) passed us, Rose called out that she reads our website. It was good to meet a reader on the go! Thanks Rose – keep reading! “Angels Payment” (Dave and Angie) was moored at Allington Swing Bridge. Both of them were hard at work touching up the paintwork. I asked if they would do Epiphany next! I think Dave has already done his best work on Epiphany – he was/is one of the carpenters at Bath Narrowboats – so we carry his work with us in our saloon.

Our links with the staff there continued as we passed “Skylarking” and shouted “hello” to John the other carpenter who worked on Epiphany! They are just about to begin an extended cruise. To complete the set “Blake” was moored just outside Devizes Marina – Chris had just started at Bath Narrowboats when Epiphany arrived in the workshop. Debbie works in the Chandlery at the marina.

We continued on down to Devizes Wharf and moored. A five-minute walk into the centre meant we could shop and go into Specsavers. We arrived back to see a couple taking great interest in our boat; hopefully they were admiring her. Someone else came along as we unpacked the shopping. He took a few photos!

It has been good to receive compliments about Epiphany this cruise. Here is small selection: “That’s a Rolls Royce of a narrowboat”. “One of the nicest narrowboats I have seen for a long time”. “If we were judging the smartest boat yours would win first prize”. We thank people gracefully and think they must have great taste! She is what we designed and planned for so of course we are very biased.

Tomorrow is our last day out. So we will possibly go down further – maybe the two locks. It depends on the weather. At this moment we are in the middle of a thundery shower, trying to watch F1 Practice but the satellite signal is a bit temperamental because of the weather!

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