Sunday, June 17, 2007

Cornish Boats Cruising The K and A

As it is Sunday that means a late wake up, breakfast and casting off! The weather forecast is dry but cloudy. We finally set off about midday and cruised to All Cannings for lunch. We passed the usual boats moored up, again many in different places – adhering to the rules. I remembered to take photos of “Angels Payment”
and “Skylarking”

– the Bath Narrowboat flotilla! It was minus “Blake” which was just outside the marina as we left.

Just before All Cannings we caught up with a wide beam barge with a wheelhouse and large steering wheel. It looked very new and smart but was very slow as it filled the canal. Passing other boats we were struggling to keep behind as our tick over was obviously faster than his! He kindly pulled over to let us past.

However it was not long before he passed us as we moored!

As we moored at All Cannings I noticed a familiar flag – The Cornish Flag – on the swan neck of the boat in front. The boat was also familiar it was “Tywardreath”.

We last saw them in May 2004, when we were on Twelfth Night. John and I are in dispute as to where! I think it was at the top of Braunston Locks, John thinks it was on the Leicester section. Unfortunately I do not have a photo so cannot prove it either way. Tywardreath is a village outside St Austell, Cornwall. The railway crossing there was on one of our regular routes out of Cornwall, either to the A30 or up to the A38 via Lostwithiel for Plymouth.

After lunch we cast off and made for Honey Street and the winding hole at bridge 123. We hung around as a boat backed up to this and winded, making rather heavy weather of it. The Bruce Trust’s “Diana” waited in the bridge hole whilst he completed his manoeuvre and went past them and then also whilst we winded.

We then cruised back to the marina and arrived in time to watch the last 17 laps of the F1 GP. Is Lewis Hamilton going to continue his incredible form for the rest of the season? I hope so. I then caught up on Dr Who. I knew Derek Jacobi would be The Master, but it was still brilliant. John Sim looks as mad as David Tennant so the rest of the series is going to be good! John Barrowman is the icing on the cake!

Ah well a good couple of days, the weather was kind – it is raining now. Back to work tomorrow for 4 days and then maybe we will be out on the cut again. I like this life!

268 miles 108 locks since 31st October 2006

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  1. Hi Fiona, it sounds like you are having the time of your life! Enjoy yourselves and keep blogging as its great to read your adventures every week......
    Del & Al xx

    PS Lewis Hamilton was great wasn't he? Can he win Silverstone? Hope so !!


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